Dog Water

A cult member (Ben Groh) crawls out of the ocean and tries to sell a woman (Ingrid Hansen) a Bible. The short is an anxious conversation between two strangers, one of whom—Ronald, the cult member—knows a lot about the other—Emily, a painter who is just trying to read on the beach. He uses her family history, her past relationships, and her struggling artistic career to convince her that the soaking wet book in his hand, the primary literature for his religion “Humble Divine,” could turn her life around. -Lizzie Racklan

Directed by Sean David Bradley
Starring: Ben Groh, Ingrid Hansen
Cinematography by Alejandro Benito
Music by Grey Keith

Post-Production: Peter Buckingham
Production: Cassie Hoeprich


Greetings is the story Wall Street broker, John, as he writes a letter to his ex-girlfriend, Donna, updating her about his life changes.

Sequel to Howdy.

Directed by Sean David Bradley
Editing: Leah Trangen
Cinematography by Aaron Bengochea
Music by Ronan Delisle

Color: Peter Buckingham Additional Writing: Alan Yanaga
Additional Audio Production: Ronan Delisle

Special Thanks:
Cassie Hoeprich
Alejandro Benito
Naked Cowboy


Goodness is the story of my mother learning of her adoption and coming to terms with her adopted mother. Shot in a series of family portrait videos and older family photos.

Directed by Sean David Bradley
Edited by Leah Trangen
Music by Colin Flynn

Audio Design by Ronan Delisle

Hog Heaven

Carly visits two men in East Texas to learn about feral hog hunting.

Director and Producer: Sean David Bradley
Editor: Logan Shillinglaw IV
Starring: Carly Spiering, Cody Mercer, Frank Mitchell
Director of Photography: Alejandro Benito
Associate Producers: Alan Yanaga
Original Music: Grey Keith

Poster: Will Segerstrom

Only in LA

LA actors recreating scenes from the film Chinatown (1974) learn about the dark history of the film's director, Roman Polanski.

Director/Writer/Editor: Sean David Bradley
Starring: Ingrid Hansen, Will Segerstrom
Director of Photography: Alejandro Benito
Production Designer: Alan Yanaga
Associate Producers: Cassie Hoeprich, Carly Spiering
Original Music: Portland Tory

Sound: Alexandra Parral


Tech-worker John moves to the country and writes a letter to his ex, Donna, expressing his gratitude to her for ending their relationship.

Director/Writer/Editor: Sean David Bradley
Director of Photography: Alejandro Benito
Original Music: Portland Tory

Gary Town

Rising YouTube star Gary Mankowitz hires filmmaker, Sean, to document his life and edit together a sizzle reel for submission to TV networks. The two spend time together, filming juvenile acts, and Sean is driven away. Punctuated with Gary's live videos.

Nicholai Dorian
Sean David Bradley

Sean David Bradley
Alan Yanaga
Bryan Sonderman

Movie starts at 05:43


Reno is a short film about two women who travel to Reno, Nevada together in search of a better future.
The film was shot over the course of three days with a local crew and a cast from the Bay Area.

Starring: Aily Kei, Hannah Birch Carl, Nathan Krasner
Writer/Director/Editor: Sean David Bradley
Music: Lydia Lund
Cinematopgraphy: Manuel Crosby

The film has been screened in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.